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How to use eHarmony for free – At least at first


Some people balk at the price of eHarmony. The site is generally more pricey compared to other dating services like Christian Mingle or But on the other hand, it’s the site that is responsible for more marriages than anyone else, at least if you believe the commercials and studies that back up this assertion. This alone makes it the #1 choice for many people looking into online dating. So despite the high cost, many people would argue that it's worth paying a premium because you are getting superior results. On the other hand, some individuals are cash-strapped, and they need a more affordable way to go about their online dating.

I have some good news for you. You can actually use eHarmony for free, at least at first. You see, joining the site does not cost anything in and of itself. This means you can sign up, take the personality quiz, receive a free personality profile, and begin receiving matches before you ever need to pay money. You can even communicate with your matches using guided communication, although this type of communication is somewhat restrictive and won’t get you very far in the process. But it will at least give you some idea of how interested someone is in you. If they respond to your guided communication efforts, then you know there is something potential there. To receive a free account at eHarmony, go to This site will provide you with a special link you can use to join eHarmony for free.

In my mind, this is the best way to get started with eHarmony. If you don’t find matches you like, you can simply keep checking your free account every few days to look at the new matches. You can wait for months, even years until you find a match you want to communicate with. Guided communication will only take you so far, however, so at some point you’ll need to buy a membership to take communication to the next level. When you do, I recommend getting a plan that lasts for 6 months, since you generally get a lower monthly rate by doing so. Yes, at the end of the day, you may end up having to shell out a good deal of money for an eHarmony membership. But the advantage of this method is that you only need to pay up when you are convinced there are people you want to get in touch with. In other words, you don't pay until you are ready to use the service.