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How to get the best deal on dating sites

datingOnline dating sites on the whole charge a monthly fee to members, and this fee can range from anywhere around $10 all the way up to $60 per month. Depending on who you are, this may or may not be affordable for you. But fortunately, there are a few techniques you can use to minimize the monthly cost of membership.

First, you should consider buying membership that last more than 1 month. The reason for this is that you will end up paying less money on a monthly basis by committing to a membership plan that lasts 3 – 12 months. Obviously, the longer the membership, the greater your savings will be. For many sites such as and eHarmony, you can save 50 – 70% off the regular monthly rate by selecting a membership that lasts several months. Savings can be even larger if you sign up for an annual membership or longer. But for the most part, it's best to start with a 6-month plan in my opinion, since a multi-year membership is probably too big of a commitment for most people.

The second thing you need to do is take advantage of coupons and promo codes for dating sites. You can find these types of coupon codes by doing a search on Google or by visiting online dating information sites such as In most cases, you will not need a promo code to take advantage of any online dating coupons. However, many of the promotions are offered for a limited time, so it’s difficult to say exactly how much you will save by utilizing these kinds of deals. With that said, it’s not unusual to save 15 – 20% off regular membership prices by taking advantage of these coupons. An example would be promo codes, which allow you to save 20% off memberships.

Other coupons offered by allow you to get a free trial that lasts for 3 days. This trial gives you full, unrestricted access to the site. Therefore, you will be able to use the site in the same way that a paying subscriber would. It’s a great opportunity to kick the tires and find out how a membership works. Therefore, my advice to new people in the online dating world is to get a free trial first, then obtain an online coupon for a discounted membership later.

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